Bouchard Design Co. pieces are imbued with personal value, cultural significance, and aesthetic appeal. Created with internationally sourced vintage and antique elements, each one-of-a-kind piece reflects the interplay between past and present, here and there. These custom pieces for individual clients and capsule collections for boutiques are carefully and imaginatively handmade by Jen and Michael Bouchard in their studio located just outside of Minneapolis, MN.

Through product and financial donations, Bouchard Design Co. is committed to supporting organizations that facilitate international education, work to ensure human rights, and help our fellow global citizens thrive.


Jen Westmoreland Bouchard and Michael Bouchard
Jen and Michael met at an Italian bakery in Los Angeles and immediately bonded over their love of language, culture, and travel. A decade and many adventures later, they are pursuing their dream of designing and collaborating beyond borders. Jen’s academic background in international aesthetics and literature and Michael’s unconventional understanding of art and invention (thanks to the artists, engineers and entrepreneurs in his family) inform their design process. Bouchard Design Co. collections are an amalgamation of their experiences observing, connecting to, and allowing themselves to be changed by the places they’ve been and yearn to go.